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Everything we do at Bethesda is shaped around our great, amazing God and – specifically – the person and work of Jesus.

So, each service is ordered to reflect the gospel, encourage trust in God and deepen our love for him and others.


Our sermons typically explain and apply a Scripture text, and our music is a blend of hymns and praise songs curated to impact the head and heart.




Ever wanted to ask a question in the middle of a sermon but knew it might just feel a little awkward? Well, we want to hear what you have to say!

Sunday classes offer the environment and opportunity to sound off, discuss your thoughts, and interact with the Bible -- and a knowledgeable teacher.


These times are great and help all of us along the journey. Together, we’ll learn about faith in Christ, how it effects everyday life, and grow in an ever-deepening commitment to the gospel.

Shorter Catechism

Bill Cook is currently leading a class through the first portion of The Shorter Catechism: A Modest Revision for Baptist. Class members will be given a copy of the catechism and encouraged to memorize the questions/answers each week.

Bill Cook

The Gospels

Mike Bear & Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts and Mike Bear will be going through the four Gospels using a harmonized reading plan. Class members will be encouraged to read along using the provided schedule and share insights and ask questions based on the previous week's readings. 


Pastor Harrison will continue the class on the New Testament book of Revelation, keeping in mind the Apostle John's initial words, "Blessed in the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near."

David Harrison



What are small groups? They’re so much more than size.


A small group is kind of like a loving family – a place to be refreshed, strengthened to reflect the love of Christ to those around us. And each month, these smaller gatherings meet together (throughout the Downriver area, from Ann Arbor to Detroit) eat together, study the Bible, pray, and care for each other.


To work out our faith together. Ultimately, these groups help us avoid the anonymity of life and take us to a healthy space of relationship and community.



We desire to be a place where children learn to live in community and develop lifelong friends.


We believe children can know God’s truth, so our staff and parents come together to provide a safe and worshipful setting where faith in Jesus is nurtured.

In every small class or big group activity we strive to model Christ’s love whether it is in word or action. We’re excited about what God is doing among our children.



The Upper Room is Bethesda’s ministry to our students in 7th-12th grade and their families.


Our goal is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for students to come and interact with each other, as we seek to help them better understand God’s Word and His world.


We hope to partner alongside families, equipping and encouraging them to do the good work of discipling their students, as well as joining them in that discipleship process.


Our goal is to continue to build a strong gospel foundation in the lives of our students so that they might better love, serve, and worship Jesus, as well as live on mission in our church, community, and world.



Join us on Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 AM as we study the book of Ecclesiastes. Each week we will tackle a section of the book, discussing its themes, theology, and application for our lives. 



Join us on Wednesday nights from 7-8 PM to play games, eat together, and take a deeper dive into Sunday's Ecclesiastes study.



All women are welcome at Bethesda Women’s Ministries.


Whether you’re just starting to explore Christianity or decades deep in your relationship with God, we invite you to join us at a variety of events throughout the year: weekly Bible studies, prayer, women’s gatherings, retreats, outreach, and more.

Each time together provides opportunities for Christian fellowship and encouragement – and are always built for a diverse range of interests and life stages.

Bethesda Baptist Church

We’re a church spread all throughout the Downriver area, but we meet on a regular basis in Allen Park, MI, a suburb just south of Detroit. Together, our aim is to reflect God’s glory and delight in Him — lifting high the name of Jesus, equipping His people for an abundant life of faith, and telling everyone about the good news of the Gospel.

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